Dog Photo Competition 1 2021 : Entry Number 30

Judges Comment

This was a tough competition to judge, but this image was an instant favorite ... the incredible use of available light, the deep shadows, the rain and the lens flare ... all are a such a fantastic backdrop for this perfectly lit dog. Nicely captured and managed in post. Congrats!

Photographers Comment

I (Elfmet) am particularly pleased that this picture of my Cosmo even took first place in my favorite category of dog photography, many thanks! Yes, the available light at night glittered so beautifully through the sleet and damp ground and my dog ​​was standing right under one of the cones of light from the streetlights... The picture was taken in Weimar (Germany) with a Canon 5D MarkIII and 35 Sigma-Art-Lens, post-processing with LR and PS.