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Judges Comment

Well one can only smile at the look on this red-eyed tree frog’s face :-) They are extraordinary little beings, and so colorful. You have gone that extra step to frame a nice bokeh background which brings this little fellow right to the front. I love his orange gloves and socks. Well done.

Photographers Comment

Congratulations to the all chosen and thanks to the judges for this "Mark of excellence" from Germany. I'm Reiner and the photo was taken in Costa Rica. I used a Canon 7d Mk II and a 55-250mm lens. Postprocessing was done in Lightroom (especially contrast work). In a row of some shots of this subject, it's been the background I love here the most.

Photographers Comment

Thanks to all for the votes! I'm Reiner from Germany and this shot was taken in Costa Rica. We hadn't been out for frogs, so I wasn't really prepared for this photo. It's taken handheld with the Canon 7D MkII and the 55-250mm STM @ 250 mm, ISO 1600, f5.6. The usual Lightroom work has been done, especially on the contrast as the photo was taken round noon in the forest at quite harsh light.