Macro Photo Competition 2016 No 2 Results

May 23rd, 2016

Macro Photo Competition 2016 No 2 Results

František Dulík from Slovakia has won the macro photo contest. This is František's second macro photo competion win. He has won $694.40. More of František's amazing macro shots can be seen here:

I'd like to thank everyone who entered this macro photo competition. There were many super photos that we all enjoyed looking at. The quality of the winning photos meant that there was a very high standard to beat. Finally I'd like to thank the judge David Chambon who able to provide the results very promptly, with excellent comments.

In the second part of this blog entry I choose a photo that was not chosen by the judge, but I think deserves a mention. I like this photo of the top of a babies head because it's an eye-catching original idea, and very different from most of the macro photo we see.

This photo was taken by Heidi Yanulis :