Free Selfie Competition with $20,000 Prize

August 21st, 2014

500,000 Facebook Likes 'Selfie' Competition

The winner of this competition will receive $20,000. Yes that's right, it's a very big prize! And it gets better. There is no entry fee. It's completely FREE to enter.

There are 63 days to enter your selfie photos. You can enter as many photos as you like. The best 30 photos will be shortlisted by the I SHOT IT team. Every I SHOT IT member will then be able to vote for the best photo, and the winner will be the one with the most votes.

What is a selfie? It's when you use your camera to take a self portrait. Using the timer function on your camera from a distance would not be a selfie as it would not be possible to distinguish this type of photo from a photo where you get a friend to take a photo of you. You should be holding the camera and pointing it at yourself or alternatively holding something like a tripod with the camera attached. A selfie could also be made by taking a photo of yourself looking into a mirror or reflective surface. In general, a selfie should be made by you controlling the cameras shutter and not by another person and this should be apparent by looking at the photo. If you can train your pet dog to take a selfie then this is also accepted, but it will be your dog that wins the prize instead of you. :-)

Please remember that this is a photo competition and so things like lighting and composition will be important. Your photo should have no or minimal editing - this is not an editing competition. To have the best chance of winning you'll need to be creative and think of some original ideas to get you selfie noticed. We wish you luck.