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September 30th, 2010

Chase Jarvis, a well known American Photographer said:

'The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You!'

Based on this observation, we have created a Photo Competition where the brand of the camera or the identity of the photographer does not matter - the image matters! You might have a camera worth 20 Dollars or 20,000 Dollars. You might be a famous photographer or you might be a person who just happened to have a camera handy at the right moment.

Our Judges are professional photographers and artists. When judging, they will not know any details about you or your photograph, not even your name. They will not know anything about the way you took the photo. They will not have access to the EXIF data of your photo. They have to judge on the basis of what they see on the screen. As simple as that! Once the winner has been selected, they will explain why the winning photo is the best.

There are many competitions available based on camera brand, subject, categories etc. We are different and have created a platform where all can compete on equal terms and that is the reason why we believe we have The Best Photo Competition.

Fifty percent of the money paid is put directly into the First Prize Fund. The remainder of the money paid goes towards operational and promotional costs. The more people that participate, the greater the prize.

To kick-start the available prize money, we have put 1000 US Dollars in the First Prize Fund.

Uploading your photos is easy. Don't worry about pixels, size, aperture or shutter speed. Just sign up, purchase some credits and upload your best photos.

You can pay in a secure and easy way via PayPal™ either using your PayPal™ Account or if you do not have an account you can still pay easily with most major credit cards via PayPal™.

Each competition will run for three months. If you join the competition in the first month, you can upload three images for 10 Dollars. In the second month two images for 10 Dollars and in the last month one image for 10 Dollars. Of course, if you wish to upload more photos, you can purchase more credits.

Every time you go to the I SHOT IT site, you will see the current amount in the First Prize Fund. As credits are purchased, this amount is immediately updated.

If you win, we will display your image and naturally we would like to reveal your name and some information regarding your winning photo, if agreed by you. The prize money will be paid into an account of your choice.

Good Luck!

The I SHOT IT team

I Shot It, Inc. is a company registered in the state of Delaware.